Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poll: Best Twi-obsession of this summer?

E! is coming up with its Best of Summer 2009 roundup and they wont miss Twilight in it for their life. I mean the Twi craze is everywhere all the time!! :)

So yeah, pretty crazy summer, right? And there wasn't even a new movie out. Plus, everyone was on a break between the filming of New Moon and Eclipse. What was it then that kept everyone's Twilight obsession going?

E! has come up with few theories on this, such as:

- It most center around one thing: Robsten (obvi). Let's start with the almost kiss at the MTV Movie Awards that kicked off our summer and then the there was last week's maybe kiss to end it.

- The bicoastal separation. Were they sad being apart? Could Rob handle the crazy fans? Was he hooking up with his costar Emilie de Ravin? Ugh, K.Stew's Joan Jett hair? You know, just the normal stuff that any long distance relationship that might not even be real has to deal with.

_ The two big trailer premieres, Taylor Lautner's endless chatter about the gym and how New Moon is so complicated.

- The controversy of Victoria casting change from Rachelle Lefevre to Bryce Dallas Howard.

Now girls they want you to vote WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TWILIGHT RELATED DRAMA THIS SUMMER? [Go to the link above.]To vote just click on the next jump:

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