Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jamie Bower Tried Out for the Part of Edward???

In his intro to the new New Moon clips at Movie Con, Jamie talked about how he got the role of Caius, which involves trying out for EDWARD!!

To introduce a clip of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Jamie Campbell-Bower was on hand: he plays Caius of the Volturi in the vampirey sequel. What could he tell us about his character? Well, “Caius is very old, he’s sort of 3,000 years old. He has no special powers, unlike the rest of the Volturi, and he has long white hair and he likes to eat humans.”

How did JCB, as we like to call him, get the role? “I auditioned for the role of Edward, and didn’t get it. Then I was in the US and they asked if I’d like to go for Felix. So two weeks later I got a call to say that I didn’t get Felix either, but I got Caius!” Which has got to ease the pain somewhat.

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