Sunday, September 20, 2009

And the tablod crap never stops!:Kristen Stewart Will Dump Robert Pattinson — Her Ex Hopes

And the gossips never stops.

Kristen Stewart’s ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano is waiting patiently for the actress to dump Robert Pattinson and get back with him, it has been claimed.

Angarano apparently still has strong feelings for Stewart, who he met several years ago. The couple remained together until Kristen started cozying up to Rob.

“Michael’s convinced Kristen’s going to tire of Rob,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “He’s still crazy about her, so he’s positioning himself to be there when the Rob romance crumbles.”

“Michael’s patient,” the source added. “Michael and Kristen once seemed like an ideal couple.

“They hardly ever argued, and they both had similar tastes in music, books and travel.

“They have remained great friends [and] they talk regularly.”

In June this year, it was reported how Pattinson, 23, had made Kristen, 19, choose between him and Angarano.

“Robert is completely frustrated. If Kristen isn’t interested in a serious relationship, she needs to tell him so he can move on,” an insider said at the time.

“He’s asked her to choose between him and Michael this summer. Robert’s not willing to be strung along.”

Meanwhile, Rob and Kristen — in Canada filming the third Twilight movie, Eclipse — recently enjoyed a shopping trip in Vancouver.

The couple reportedly checked out T-shirts, pants and jackets and took their time in the store.

Fellow shoppers recognized the young actors and asked for a photo, according to the shopkeeper, and they happily obliged.

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