Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Moon Is Five Hours Long???

New Moon Is Five Hours Long???


Death Cab For Cutie, the first official band to be penning a song for the movie soundtrack, revealed that they were invited to a special screening of New Moon - a five hour long version of the flick!

Guitarist Chris Walla, the only member of the band whose admitted to reading the books, explains that the cut didn't include any "effects or Foley or music or anything" and they ended up declining the invitation due to scheduling conflicts.


Though we're positive most of you wouldn't mind sitting though five hours of vampire/werewolf bliss, we're also just as sure that it will be dramatically cut down.

But just think about the bonus features on the DVD!

P.S.- Death Cab's video for their New Moon song, Meet Me on the Equinox, will be released on on Sept 13th. We hear it'll be a big treat for you Twilighters.

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