Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Robert Pattinson to appear on the X-Factor?

He may come across as all cool and edgy and alternative, but it turns out that Robert Pattinson likes nothing better on a Saturday night than putting his feet up and watching The X Factor. The Twilight heartthrob is said to be a huge fan of the show, and does he best to watch it even when filming over in the States. Judge Dannii Minogue heard about all this, and she has now offered the actor a special invite to come and meet the judges and watch the show live. Nothing to do with the fact that's he's HOT, then. A source reveals, "Rob is a massive fan of The X Factor. He'd love to meet the judges and hang out with them backstage, so he's thrilled with Dannii's offer." As we all know, RPattz is something of a musical talent himself. Maybe he could even be persuaded to do something live on stage. Now that really would get worldwide attention.

And from

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is a massive X Factor fan- according to judge Dannii Minogue.
And the Aussie has invited the actor on to the talent show set any time he wants.
She told The Mirror: “I just heard that Twilight star Robert Pattinson is a HUGE X Factor fan. I know he was born in Britain but he spends most of his time in America.
“Even so my X Factor crew would love to meet him - and he has officially been invited by the gang to one of the live shows.”
She added: “I reckon Robert might get more screaming fans than Simon Cowell.”
Rob Patz is currently in Vancouver shooting the third Twilight movie Eclipse so it seems unlikely he’ll pop back to Britain to watch the show. But you never know!

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