Monday, September 21, 2009

Timbaland Inspired by Twilight

Sparkle for Twilight: Blog Update! I love how everyone is joined together by this vampire love story. Young or old, boy or girl, human or non-human (true story, Bestie texted me the other day with this: "For a few months I dated someone who thought he was a vampire" from the October issue of Glamour haha).

It doesn't matter who you are the story will just get you. But I'm sorry, the latest addition to the Twi-fandom is so random it makes me laugh. I have to start wondering now if certain celebs really like Twilight or if they just want to get in on the marketability. You throw the word "Twilight" out there and ears will perk up, heads will turn, flags will be raised. That's how alert we are as fans.

That's why when I read in an interview with MTV about rapper/producer Timbaland's inspiration for his upcoming album, I was a little suspicious.

"This record, it's interesting," he said of the upcoming single. "It's very interesting...The song, I can't describe it, it's so different. It's not different for me, but I can tell you this--it fits everything going on with the vampire theme. It fits everything with Twilight."
Timbo is keeping an eye on all things hot, even vampires.

"I'm up on all that. True Blood, [the song] fits in that way," he added. "It's a dance record, but it's a dope dance record. It's rap."We all know how well Twilight sells, especially when it comes to the music. Then again, smack me in the mouth, I did just say that Twilight attracts all sorts of fans, so maybe I shouldn't be so cynical. No, let me be cynical for just a minute.

Let's break it down, a mid-year sales review put the Twilight soundtrack as the fifth top selling album in the country, and that's only from the first half of 2009. (Shout out to Taylor Swift who takes the first spot with Fearless, and had the first album in 2009 to sell a million copies!) The Twilight Soundtrack is also the bestselling theatrical album since Chicago.

This isn't even with consideration that before the year ends, we'll also have the New Moon Soundtrack to add to that list, a record that virtually everyone has been trying to lobby for a spot on--everyone from nobody Justin Guarini to Jonas Brothers and even the legit likes of Muse and Radiohead.

Is there even another instance when there was obsessive buzzing over a soundtrack to a movie that isn't even a musical?

Operation New Moon Soundtrack is one hot competition and Death Cab is certainly the envy of the town. I liken it to musicians applying to their ivy league institution: who'll make the cut, who'll get rejected? I wonder if getting placed on a hypothetical waitlist lets you try again for Eclipse. So maybe Timbaland has the right idea. If you can't make it on the official soundtrack (and thereby guaranteeing you an infinite and exponential increase in sales and popularity that is tagged with being associated with Twilight), the next best thing is to release an album where you yourself buzz that it is Twilight-inspired. That's sure to get people's attention. It got mine, and all I knew about you and your music is that you are the husky voice that helped JT bring sexy back.

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